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          St. Vincentius a paulo Catholic Hospital, commonly known as RKZ (Rooms Katholiek Ziekenhuis) is a Catholic Church's involvement in God's compassionate work of salvation for all people especially for the sick and the poor.
          RKZ as an integral part of the Indonesian society, that upholds the country's Bhineka Tunggal Ika, therefore RKZ commits it self to serve the sick without discrimination of race, religion, or particular groups. It aims at rendering quality according to the demands of society.
          A homelike atmosphere is assured of the patient through the integration of good medical technology, professional doctors and nurses, compassionate staff and a surrounding that is conducive to healing.
Hopefully, this media will be of benefit to all.
          Finally, the management staff, employees, nurses and doctors of RKZ would like express our gratitude to your our dear client for choosing us to be your partners.


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